Today's post is very different from my usual content. I was recently invited to attend an exclusive virtual sneak peek of Netflix's Queen Charlotte, a Bridgerton prequel! 

I first of all want to say that I unfortunately missed the majority of the interview portion of this event due to buffering, so I won't be talking too much about that part.

It was a huge surprise to be invited to this event, as it is not my usual niche, but it was a really fun and enjoyable event. 

We were shown an exclusive clip, as well as the trailer, followed by reactions from some of the cast members. There was also a Q&A session with the cast at the end of the event. We were given the opportunity to send questions ahead of the event, which was a really nice touch.

I think this type of event is really fun, and I'd love to attend others in the future. I think it's great that Netflix is offering virtual premieres, allowing fans and creators from all around the world to join in. My only concern is the technical issues, but I did find that refreshing my browser helped (which was annoying but I did get to see the end at least!

So, are you a fan of Bridgerton? Or is Queen Charlotte on your to-watch list? Let me know in the comments!